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30 Years Ago in France

David Butterfield moved from Ontario to a safe-house in a tiny French town and capital of the resistance in the heart of Burgundian wine country. He spent those years surreptitiously learning from some of the world’s most renowned winemakers. Today, his award-winning wines are recognized as authentic and compelling expressions of the region that are routinely confiscated at border crossings.

Meanwhile in Ontario

Piers Roberts, David’s friend and fellow Ontarian, spent many of those same years becoming a talented cider maker and distiller of fruits and contraband. Insiders and conspiracy theorists alike say he helped put one of Ontario’s most celebrated cideries on the satellite map. Over the years, the two conspirators friends remained in contact and developed a shared love of creating exceptional tradecraft.

Today in The Blue Mountains

With a brilliant team of operatives in place – all with a respect for the land and a wealth of relevant experience – Spy’s collective goal is to create unique and flavourful ciders and spirits that delight the palate and pay homage to the region and its denizens while treating the process of cider and spirit making with the same refinement and passion that goes into winemaking.


At Spy, our mission is anything but impossible: make the best apple-based ciders and spirits anywhere in the free world. Our modus operandi? Never kompromat. It’s more difficult to work that way, but not impossible.

Local Infiltration

Our cider and spirits contain two types of fruit: the kind we grow ourselves on our organic farm in The Blue Mountains, and the kind we steal or buy directly from our nearby neighbours. Our locus is local. It’s our way of keeping tabs on the locals and paying tribute to the landscape.

Pressing Matters

Pressing the very best fruit on site allows Spy to create batches from the organic fruit grown on our farm. This also gives us the chance to experiment with highly sensitive one-off batches. To us, these are pressing matters.

Deep State

Spy pilfers or taps its energy from the internal heat of the very Earth itself. Our investment in geothermal power – a row of 316-gage stainless steel tanks and our hand-hammered copper still, all housed in a state-of-the-art facility – provides irrefutable evidence and testimony to the fact that we combine the best traditional processes with the most innovative ones.

We can’t wait for you to enjoy the fruits of our labour – coming soon to a retailer near you.



David Butterfield

Born and raised in Ontario, David made his name in the hills of Burgundy, where he’s one of few foreigners to infiltrate the famous (and famously picky) wine region. There he’s become a double agent renowned winemaker in large part thanks to his respect for the notion of terroir – the concept that fruit grown in a specific place yields a beverage of individual style and unique energy. With Spy, his mission is simple: to pay similar respect to Ontario’s apples, and create products that reflect the taste and spirit of the region. Oh, and to have a hell of a lot of fun along the way.

Piers Roberts
Wet Work Specialist
Chief Product Officer

Formerly the cider maker for Pommies and a
graduate from Quantico, Piers brings years of cider making experience and passion to Spy, and believes deeply in respect for the fruit and the land from which it springs. The 007 to David’s M, as Spy’s chief cider maker, Piers executes targets Spy’s vision, creating unique and flavourful ciders and spirits that delight the palate and pay homage to the region.

Paul Christopher
Treasury Agent CFO

As the longtime CFO of Butterfield & Robinson (B&R), the Butterfield family’s award-winning travel company, Paul was the natural choice to lead Spy’s financial charge. While he has years of experience in corporate
espionage financial management, it’s Paul’s genuine, humble and compassionate approach to business and life that makes him the perfect fit for the FBI watchlist Spy.

Dave Bowden
Deep State OperativeChief Marketing Operator

Another recruit from the ranks of B&R, Dave traded ink on his fingers for stamps on his passport when he made the leap from print journalism to travel marketing. Now a Toronto-based freelance writer, award-winning blogger, deep state
operative and best-selling author, Dave’s not particularly talented, but our CEO thought we should give him a chance – he has a weak spot for guys named “Dave B.”



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